Saturday, April 24, 2010

It has been so long..i do not put my "merepek" here..
actually, i plan to write back my post when i just finish up my MUET..
and now "fullstop" with my muet..huhu. My weakness is clear..which is----i'm not that good in English. In simple word, i just waste my parents money paying all the fee..to help me good in English starting from my leg can stand well on the ground...My english is shit. if u want to know, i do not past my muet with the sincere smile..I don't know why?? and what happen with me actually, i can't even understand the passage well, writing!! hmm damn!. I know that we hv to use so many variety words to attract the examiners but me, i just use common word..my vocabulary do not strong enough. Once i went to the hall which is where i sit for that exam, i'm very thankful to God that, my place is at the second row..It's will help me in listening test, maybe i can give my 80 % to the speaker, but wat happen to me is not that wat i wish, i got confused during part 2 n it's continue until last part, part 3..huhu By hook or by crook, i have to send this answer, but with what answer?? zero!! huhu..the speaker will not repeat 4 da third times, so i put down my head n i seems despair..

-but what past is past-

so, i come back.. n just take a plate n eat, i want to forget everything, today i feel not good..hmm..at 4 i followed my parent to nightmarket, i make a "cheated smile" to all the customers, i just do my works without saying anyting, my hand put the ais, but my mind is nowhere... :(. until 10, i go back to my house, bathing,praying n open this laptop, immediately i open my blog n express evrything here, although it does't lesser my sadness but maybe i feel better now..hmm i want to sleep..k bye
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