Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love surfing so much. After da spm, I spend all my time with pc..There are millions webs from all over the world. Like Through this web, we can send free sms and make free call. It was really wonderful. There, we have to watch movies or news first in order for us to collect credits and by the credits, we can make a call or send sms.
Otherwise, to improve my english, I always visit cupidbay web. There, I can chatt with different people that come from different country. And from now on, I have my close penpal from India named Prakash. From him, I can learn Indian's culture. He alco teach me his language...

some that i remembrr
Khana kaya "have you eat"
Mujhe dosti karoge " would you be my best friend"
Tum mera dosti hey "you are my best friends"

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